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Published writings of Brian Lyons

Cuba and Venezuela: Breaking the Chains of Underdevelopment in Latin America, (co-author Rich Palser). London, 2005. ISBN . 0-954675-0-9

Globalización, la revolución cubana y nuestra solidaridad, Propuesta Comunista, Madrid, 2000

Imperialismo, democracia y derechos humanos en Cuba (co-author Eurípides Valdés), Alicante, 1999

Ideas Don’t Die: Socialism, Youth and the Cuban Revolution ( co-authors Kenia Serrano, Victoria Velásquez), Sheffield 1997. ISBN 0-9521779-3-5.

Victims of War: The Untold Story of the Cuban Exodus from Cuba (co-author John Waller) Sheffield 1994. ISBN 0-9521779-2-7

Island in the Storm: Cuba Faces the New World Order (co-author John Waller) Sheffield 1994. ISBN 0-9521779-1-9

Aids in Cuba: A Portrait of Prevention (co-authors: John Waller, Dr Paul Redgrave, Dr Paul Schatzberger) Sheffield 1993. ISBN 0-9521779-0-0

Cuba: A Suitable Case for Solidarity. Sheffield, 1990.

The Coalisland Conference Against Repression (co-author Aileen O’Callaghan. Intercontinental Press, New York, 1977

Reactionary Strike Poses Threat of Pogroms, Intercontinental Press, New York,1974

War and and Irish Town (Book review), Intercontinental Press, New York, 1974

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