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As a new generation of young fighters take centre stage in opposition to the Israeli butchery in Gaza, I am excited to announce the publication of my new book, Imperialism, War and Revolution. The paperback version is available now and a hardcover version should be on sale in the next few days.

The book is 350 pages long and includes a selection of articles from Black Dwarf. This means that you can have the series of articles, such as those on China and Ireland, all in one place and arranged thematically in line with the overarching issues expressed in the book's title. In addition to these 15 articles, there are 3 more chapters including a 20 page introduction, a retrospective on Cuba and a concluding piece covering the new wave of university encampments.


The book also includes more extensive annotations and a selection of photos that have been digitally enhanced to improve sharpness and print resolution whilst remaining faithful to their original content. There is also a preface, a chronology and some new maps.

Here is a view of the contents page:


The book is available for sale on all of Amazon's international portals. Just type in the title and it will take you there. Alternatively, scan the QR code below.

I would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might have on how and where to promote the book. Perhaps you might like to review it yourself or know someone who would? Do you know of any online platform which might like to advertise it? Please do feel free to share it on any social media platform where it might be of interest.

In the meantime, buy a copy yourself and dip into it as you please. Any feedback will be most welcome.


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