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Back to the Future: What I'm Reading This Summer

Some books that helped me understand history and move forwards.

1. Inside Hitler's Greece by Mark Mazower, Yale University Press

2. The Meaning of the Second World War by Ernest Mandel, Verso.

3 Israel: A Colonial Settler State, Maxine Rodinson, Pathfinder Press

4 Scottish Capitalism , Tony Dickson (ed.), Lawrence & Wishart

5. Roosevelt and Churchill Secret Wartime Correspondenc, , Barrie & Jenkins

6. The British Empire and the Second World War by Ashley Jackson, Hambledon Continuum

7 Every Factory a Fortress by Michael Torigiani, Ohio University Press

8 Churchill's Secret War by Mahusree Mukerjee, Basic Books

9. The Jewish Question by Abram Leon, Pathfinder Press.

10 Britain's Gulag by Caroline Elkins, Jonathan Cape.


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